Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Holy Day, Happy Day.

Erev Yom Kippur. I am drinking liters of water, eating tons and am having the regular pre-fast stress. Got to go soon and shlog kaporos, with money though - no shit-droppin ugly-noisy creatures. Exactly one year ago, I emailed a couple of friends a sweet dvar torah I had wrote. I just re-read it, and it actually brought a smile to my face. Please note - my writing skills were really bad then, and I was only 17...

Many people are scared of יום כיפור. They are worried. Usually יום כיפור is a very stressful time. To be honest, I never really liked this part of the year. We all know that we have done many aveiros, so we're scared of having a bad year ח"ו. How mistaken we are… יום כיפור should be the happiest time of the year! G'd really loves us, no matter how many aveiros we made, no matter how distant we think we are from Him. G'd has tons and tons of mercy, רחמים, and bestows us the whole time with kindness, חסד. We both know that in reality we don't deserve anything. As it's written in many seforim, that even if a person would only do mitsvos, he still doesn't deserve anything, since G'd does with him so many kindnesses and favours. When we pray for all Jews to have a nice and sweet new year, we shouldn't ask it because we deserve it… We don't deserve it. Just ask G'd to give us a good new year, not because we are worth something, we know we aren't, just have mercy and make us another kindness, we are sure that we will have a sweet new year! Remember as long as we ask for G'ds mercy and kindness. We are sure to get it. Guaranteed. No matter how much we sinned, His mercy has no limit…

I'm sure that G'd will have mercy with us, and in His kindness will give us a great new year. A happy new year. A healthy new year. A good new year.

So be happy!! This coming year, שנת תשס"ו is going to be a great and happy year for all of us!!

Have an easy fast, and a sweet new year!

Oh, and all of you out there, anon's and friends alike - please forgive me for anything I have done... I really didn't mean to hurt any of you, and wish you all a happy, happy new year.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Happy New Year

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to wish you all a very happy, happy new year! Have a nice yom tov, and don't be stressed.
(What I am totally...) Even if the davening wont flow so easy, even if we wont really 'feel' that holiness everyone is so going on about, I am sure we will all have an amazing and blissful year.

Good yom tov,