Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Am Hanetsach.

Sharon is still as stubborn as one could wish to be. We never imagined we would have world’s most inflexible and stubborn donkey sitting in our Knesset, playing Mr. Dictator. A filthy dictator, that is what he is. Whoever doesn’t agree with him gets demoted. Whoever goes with him receives a nice reward – free upgrade; becomes a minister. The police, army and media all participate with his big, corrupt and filthy politics.

Monday was the beginning, the first, of a massive 3 day march to Gush Katif. The rally started with fervent prayer and lively dance at the gravesite of the Baba Sali in Netivot. From there they continued their hike, broke through the human wall created by the police and arrived at Kfar Meimon. They’ll attempt to get as close to Gush Katif as possible, on the third day. The streets are full of posters, and the roads are all orange. Complete families; men, women and their children are all ready to join the hike. Equipped with large backpacks, sleeping bags and dressed in their orange uniform, eagerly waiting to get on the bus and join the rest.

Our lovely dictator is scared of does rightist-hooligans-religious-settlers-fanatic-extremists or however he likes calling us. An orange carpet of 100 000 marchers would smash the whole Kisufim junction apart, just as it did after Netivot, and just walk into the Gush without a drop of sweat. It would bring his whole disengagement plan drastically down, and mess it really up.

Monday, the police – afraid and scared of our success – stopped 500 busses on their way to Netivot. Police stopped busses, arrested bus drivers and emptied the entire bus. They confiscated all the driver’s licenses, leaving him and his bus helplessly stuck on the side of the road. What a mature and democratic way – just stop all the busses with no reason or excuse and try to prevent them from reaching the Baba Sali’s grave.

Not having any means of transportation, we all gathered at Jerusalem’s main entrance. Police have been expecting us. No one was allowed to cross the road. Hundreds of police and soldiers where there. Horses, motorbikes and water cannons, all waiting so eagerly for us. Police brutally arresting kids, pulling and pushing. Cruelly slamming everyone to the ground, and then dragging kids off the floor. I looked to the side and spotted two young girls. Both where just standing on the side, a pocketsize book in their hands. They where doing the only thing that could really change anything. They where saying tehilim.

The place is Germany, the year is 1940. Sorry, my mistake. I meant Israel, 2005. Tens of thousands of protesters, Jews, all locked up in Kfar Meimon, a little Moshav not far from Gush. Welcome to the ghetto. Fifteen thousand of Sharon’s puppets have laid siege on our fellow Jews. No one comes in, no one goes out. No food, no drink. Nothing. That’s our lovely government. That’s our lovely dictator, Arik Sharon.

I was walking home, all tired, upset and fed up. I couldn’t take it any more. I couldn’t live with it any longer. The politics, brutality and corruptness. It made me sick. I didn’t like the country anymore; ashamed with my government, ashamed with my police.

I came home, checked the news and watched the rallies. They showed the protests, the prayer and the dancing. No one was crashed, nobody looked upset. All our brothers where dancing lively together! Am hanetsach lo mefached - singing and dancing, all smiling and happy. Sparkling love, friendship and hope.

I smiled and thanked God for my lesson. I love Him, His People and His Land.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Greener Grass.

Hey everyone! The computer is finally back, all fixed. Ventilator blowing, and the hard disk is running smoothly. The past two weeks where fine on this side of the world - the sun is bright and the grass is green. Hope all is fine and well on your side.

The Gay Parade. How much fun - Not. As I'm sure you all remember, those lovely faggets ran round town all proud and parading. Their crown of glory, their sole pride - their low and perverted sickness. Disgusting. Oh well, cest la vie. I wasn't planning on being anywhere close to the neighbourhood during their ShameParade.

Don't ask how and why, yet I still ended up in kikar tsion. There was a nice protest, we all got to fight with the cops. Yelling, booh'ing and screaming. It was fun. Once all the action calmed down and the extasy started cooling off, I was walking down Ben Yehuda - going back to yeshiva. There was a whole kipke feverly debating and arguing. So, naturally, Yingele joins the battle.
There wasn't much arguing really; everyone agreed. The fags can go ahead and parade. They can run around in ridiculous bikinis, holding hands and dressing up like pethetic kallas. Whatever they want they can do, no-one really gives two hoots. But in their backyard - not here.

In between all the shmoozing, one of the chiloinim pats me on my back and tells the crew loud and proud "You all see? I wish my kids would get the same education as these kids! Look at them! They don't get up to the things my kids get up to".

"Achi! Mah Pitom!? The entire hookers industry live off Bnei Brak Datiyim! And murderers. Murderers they are. You know how many people get stabbed in Meah Shearim every year?" came the reply.

Bang! I felt a stone brick hit my head. I woke up! He woke me up. His idiotic and silly reasoning opened my tired eyes. It was him against me - now my mind opened up. Just a little. Our Frum world has problems. Problems I say? I mean some serious major issues. Every community, every chassidus and every moised has it's pekelech. We have divorces, cheaters, crooks and filthy cheap politics. No-one claims that the so-called 'frum' world is free of any tribulations. But let it not corrupt us. The others aren't any better. What the Goyim have - we don't. They have much more corruption, much more politics and much more filth than us, the Goy Kodoish. Just open any newspaper and see for yourself. We don't have any master bombers, our kids don't sleep with their teachers and our sons don't knife each other.

Sometimes it really feels like all the prostitution is indeed in Bnei Brak. We hear all the gossip and politics - we get disgusted. Disgusted and ashamed. Nevertheless, let's not forget; the grass on the other side isn't greener. How colourless our lawn is - their's are much worse.