Sunday, May 29, 2005


I have been tagged. Inspired by Yiddishe Mamme, both Lost Spirit and Shevy want me to practise 5 casual acts of pure kindness. Five times two is ten, but I’m sure they’ll forgive me. They could add a kindness on their starchart.

1. This morning I happily prepared some nice breakfast for my hungry brother. Nice of me, no? Well, he didn’t really mention anything, but who cares. I did it for Yiddishe Mamme, not for him.
2. Just walked over to that pretty girl and told her how stunning she looks. A smile from here till Timbuktu, I think I made her day. So father, so son.
3. There where hundreds of people pushing and fighting to get onto that bus to Meron. I shtipt and pushed my way on and kept the seat on my left ‘Tafus’. My friend wanted a seat . Some guy didn’t seem too pleased and started a whole scene. The second he opened his loud gob, I opened mine. I yelled at him, like never before. You needed to see him curse his head off! Didn’t his mamma teach him some manners? He finished yelling at the top of his loungs and finally got off the bus. I didn’t punch his teeth out. Kind of me, isn’t it?
4. Some day last week, at like 12.30 I was outside shul and an 18 year old shababnik zoomed by. He gets off his stunning Yamaha motorbike and wants to put on tefilin, so I eagerly took mine off and let him use them.
5. Handed a couple of coins in the desperate hand of an old beggar in Geula. I kindly smiled at him, and wished him all the best.

Phew! Mission accomplished. I know have the honor to tag The Clown of Blog, The King of Blog and The Freshman of Blog. Good luck brave and kind men!

Next assignment; CosmicX tagged me. Cosmic, here goes:

If I could be an innkeeper… I would make sure to keep my kretshme open every Motze Shabbos. Especially in the winter, when it’s freezing cold outside. Just incase the Baal Shem Tov would pop by.

If I could be a missionary… I would build a large house in the shape of the 770 one. Then I would put a massive yellow moshiach flag blow by the window.

If I could be a world famous blogger… Grrr. I am a world famous blogger.

If I could be an athlete… Pass.

If I could be a professor… I would teach biology class in Beis Yaakov.

Phew. Another one accomplished. Yiddishe Mamme, Lost Spirit and Shevy - revenge is ever so sweet. Enjoy your new asignment!


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