Thursday, March 24, 2005


Fellow Bloggers! It's Purim!! Get on your feet and start dancing! Shehechiyonu Vekimonu Vehigiyonu Lazman Haze. We are all great, we have all what we crave for, all our needs our given to us. All on a golden platter. We have the Strongest and Only Power loving us who helps us with every single baby-step that we take, He makes sure that we have all that is good for us. Why worry when we have our Master worrying for us? Vehaboiteach Bashem, Afilu Rosho, Chessed Yesoiveveno.

Let us forget all those foolish Rabbis, Yeshivas, Bluffers, Crooks and Liars. Forget about the banned strawberries, banned wigs and kosher cellphones. Should we get all confused and worked up because of them? Should we mess our lovely lives up, just because of them? Naaaah, they aren't worth it. Trust me! This world is so so mad, we can never fix it anyways.

We are healthy, we are well! We are holy and we are pure! Let's rejoice! A splendid life we live, empty of worries, clear of problems. Let us remember those smart words; "Hevel Havolim, Hakol Hevel." Let us stop worrying about all of our difficulties, all of life's bumps. Instead, let's all start spending more time with the things that really matter. The things that really are important, yet we still tend to forget about them. Those things that really matter. Life, family and your children.

Let us all rejoice! Forget about the world and have the time of your life! Don't think about anything and anyone unimportant, just be yourself, and live it up! Have a Happy Happy Purim, and may the happiness and joy continue the whole year, all years till 120.


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