Tuesday, March 01, 2005

No. Just say no.

Just hanged up from Avi. An eighteen year old ex-yeshivaboy currently looking for a place to settle. Where he can really settle. I asked him how his shabbos in his Dirah was. Here is the sad conversation;

Yingele: Hey Avi! How was Shabbos?
Avi: Yeah, was nice.
Yingele: Where did you eat? By your Rabbi again?
Avi: Naaah. Had some friends over. Ate with them. Yingele, do you remember my two chassidish friends who came friday along with us to Blockbusters? Well they where at my place.
Yingele: And they behaved? Or did they watch the DVDs?
Avi: They watched and smoked. But I behaved. I didn't smoke, neither watch with them on shabbos.
Yingele: (Almost faints) How could you give them your DVD-player and let them use it on Shabbos?
Avi: I don't know...

My heart is crying to both of you. A. How can two beketches smoke and watch dvd's on Shabbos? And B. Avi, my dear friend, why can't you be strong? Why can't you just say NO. Two letters: NO. As a kid I remember seeing 'Say no to drugs' printed on those colourfull Laffy Taffy wrappers. I never understood. Why do they need to tell people to say no? Why don't they just print 'Drugs Kills' etc like they have on yene-machle-sticks boxes? Now I understood. We need to brain-wash ourselves over and over again to be strong and just to say no! No to drugs. No to bad friends. No to anything self-destructive. Brothers, sisters, please don't let these two letters ruin the beautiful life G-d has prepared for you. Just say NO.

To be honest, I must admit that I wrote this post with only one in mind; yingele. It's about time I start picking up my courage, standing firm and saying no.


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