Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Heavenly Father

Our corrupt and messed up government, run by Mr. Corrupto himself wants to 'disengage'. Mr. Corrupto aka Mr. Dictator aka Arik Sharon wants to uproot all the Jewish settlements in Yesha. He wants to uproot graves. Graves of kids, in front of their crying mothers. The expulsion of Jews. The expulsion of our siblings.

Those yellow bulldozers smashing Shuls and Yeshivas, while leaving the stunning villas for our fellow cousins to inhabit. Our cousins who love us so much. Imagine Muhammed, the brother of the killer who shot your baby son, is going to live in your house. The house you so carefully built. Each brick carefully placed with so much strength, effort and love. Imagine evil Achmed sleeping in your warm and cosy bed. The same bed your little kids used to run to, frightened by Kassam rockets screeching over their heads. Imagine Ibrahim taking over your dad's lovely greenhouses. Just imagine...

Peace? Now? Never. How foolish it is to believe that this uprooting will bring peace. We have given them everything. We have received nothing. You give a finger, they want a hand. You give a hand, they give you bombs. Besides, it is a well known, yet silenced fact; the disengagement plan will only harm our security and safety. 52 settlements will be the next target for the Palestinians and their deadly missiles. That's without mentioning the Chabadske Rebbes holy words "Giving back land, Pikuach Nefoshos Mamesh".

Our once-upon-a-time hero warrior is leaving us in the bitter cold. Sharon used to be the most far-right person in our country. The most esteemed and respected somebody. He even sent us, encouraged us and pushed us to go and live in those same settlements.Back then he was The Man. Now... Pphhh.

Rabbi Sholom Dovber Volpe spoke with an Israeli policeman who completed a course that prepared him for the Disengagement. Long version of the scary conversation. Short version: What the cruel Nazis didn't do, the barbarous Mishteres Hatsiyonim will finish. OK, I exaggerated, but please do read this. Trust me, it's frightening...

Is it any coincidence that Sharon came up with the Disengagement plan idea the same week the Court blew the lid of his family's fraudulent history? Family Sharon. A twisted family, a corrupt family. A minor factor; the High Court is in leftist hands. You give those left ati-semites what they want, they leave you alone.

The Court isn't the only left crowd out there. So are most of the Israeli media. They all can't stop speaking about the aggressive, violent and wild settlers. How come the media couldn't catch one single shot of does hostile troublemakers? Not a single violent settler.

Rallies, protests and assemblies haven't moved the stubborn donkey an inch. He lost against his own Likud referendum. Not once, but twice. Yet he stays immovable like a corpse: you can hit him, you can knock him to pieces, but you cannot convince him.

Thursday the Knesset is voting on passing the State Budget. If it doesn't pass, we will be in the ballet-boxes this June. Sharon's dictatorship will fall, together with his Amoleik-style wicked plan. Goodbye Sharon, goodbye Juden-rein Gaza.

The Chief Rabbis, Sfardic, Ashkenazic, Mizrachnik and yes, even some single Chassdishe Rebbes (Rebbe, I take my hat off to you) have declared tomorrow, Thursday the 6th of Adar, as a National Day of Fast and Prayer. Our pretty Queen Esther gathered all men, women and kids to pray to our Father in Heaven. He turned Haman's wicked decree to a joy-full one. From a frightened ending, to a happy and blissful life.

This Purim will be a happy happy one! Once again we will have defeated the enemies of our God, Religion, Land and Heritage. יה"ר שהוא שעשה ניסים לאבותינו בימים ההם, הוא יעשה עמנו ניסים וחסדים בזמן
הזה. אמן אמן סלע ועד


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