Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bechadrei HaBloggers

GGreen left us. He got burnt . Anyone knows what's happening with him? A new blogger, living on a sharp knife, has joined us. Any coinsidence?

Pravda has been dirtying his hands with some FrumTeensMonkeys. Der Alter is trying to make us all sad. C'mon, mishenichnas ador marbim besimcho!! Anyone know what happened to the so called frum one? Poor girl... The Admor HaShaigetz is pravering a rebisteve. Doing it his vay. He even pravers a Melave Malke with stories and all. Shaigetz, are you giving out Knobbel too? The yiddishe mamme decided she will start blogging all about the lovely people she stares at. TheGirl is still sleeping. Can someone please wake her up! Girlie, we miss you!

Frummer wants a BlogRabbi. ReelRabbi to the rescue! Lazer is continuing to send out his beams! Enlighten us, oh great Lazer! Blogger sucks. Commenting system slow, down and all messed up. Oh, Yoidy Lashem Chasdoi, a new Yiddish blogger is shining on our velt.

Bas Torah is all busy with sex, sex and some more sex. The idiots at the Yated have become musicians. And last but most definately not least; Gilgul, welcome to our gedolim-lovers club!


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